Quantitative Investment Strategies in the Blockchain Sector

Dedicated to cryptocurrency research, trading, and profitability

Dreamscape Capital is an open-end investment fund with a primary focus on innovative blockchain technology markets. Our mission is to provide global investors with a larger range of asset management services. Our team specializes in profitable trading techniques, high due diligence standards, and exceptional market proficiency.


Dreamscape Capital has a focus on maintaining a liquid portfolio, diversified between short-term investments and long term venture capital.


We provide a diverse range of portfolio management services, including hedging strategies, many trading techniques, and algorithmic trading, etc.

Research & Analysis

Dreamscape Capital uses research-driven decision-making, and remarkable analysis and due diligence to identify solid investments within the cryptocurrency industry.

Security & Stability

Active hedging of assets during negative market conditions and high volatility.


Dreamscape Capital's unique framework aims to provide solutions for market volatility, both bull and bear markets, blockchain business funding and project screening.

Trading of value-oriented tokens and tokenized securities with risk-optimized strategies

Algorithmic trading by utilizing market inefficiencies

50% of the portfolio will be actively traded in short term plays with frequent profit taking

10%-20% of the portfolio will be invested in long term protocol projects

Hedging portfolio positions by incorporating CME futures positions to reduce portfolio volatility

DSC Token

DSC is an ERC-20 token which represents the performance of Dreamscape Capital's hedge fund. A dividend is offered to token holders when profits are realized. The multi-use token will enable holders to access fund reports and payout information. The DSC token is a great addition to any crypto investors portfolio as it is a stable asset backed by some of the best investment minds in the industry.



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Paulo Welager

Managing Partner

Jan Zaretski

Fund Manager

Douglas Ross

Derivatives Trader